Twilight Zone (Vol. 1) Split 10″ EP with Horror Section

Dan Vapid and the Cheats Twilight Zone Split

Hey there, Eccentric Pop Records will be releasing a 10″ split with us (Dan Vapid and the Cheats) and the Horror Section, in tribute to the Twilight Zone, come this fall, 2016. Digging this cover art and looking forward to the release.

A Long Way Tour Video

This is a tour video from the Dan Vapid and The Cheats April 2014 tour in Italy and Norway. The song “A Long Way” is on the album TWO out now on Torture Chamber Records.

Dan Vapid And The Cheats – Euro Tour 2014

(I BUY RECORDS) (Roughly translated) I will write this live report without breaks and without re-read what I wrote , because it is rightly so , because Dan Vapid see live is pure emotion and excitement you can not control.

We have been present in as many as 4 tour dates Italian / Norwegian Dan Vapid & The Cheats still in progress ( I Friday and Sunday, Enrique Saturday and Monday) and we came to the conclusion that regardless of the condition of the band, from the stage big or small or proposal from the lineup of a concert Dan Vapid is just a punch in the stomach . Sounded every evening the same pieces , the same room in front of the same people I always go there. Before talking about DV & The Cheats , I’ll do a brief on the band that opened the concert Seregno .
Friday’s concert was super cool, were open to the Mega . Energetic concert , half an hour of excerpts from the two albums ; I do not think it is a gamble to say that of all the times I saw them play , this was the one where I liked the most. Good , very good.

Soon after it was the turn of the first Tough gig with the new line with Robi instead of Stefanini . Sorry for the change , but Robi has played very well considering the very short time and the handful of tests in order to prepare. As mentioned in Chris / Biso , in my opinion they could not find anyone better than Robi , in fact, exceeded the initial excitement , and definitely amche a little ‘tension , they gave me the impression that they played together for a long time . In short, the future we expect only positive news . A round of applause also to the particular Biso that despite otitis , it was the usual train !

Leading the date of Imperia we were the only ones of Ratbones. For conflict of interest and because basically I do not care to talk about it, I will not say anything about it. I’m just saying open for Dan Vapid was the greatest satisfaction that I could reach into my “music career”, if you can call it.
The ladder between the two evenings was virtually identical in Imperia a bit ‘shorter, basically divided into two parts: the first with pieces of the first two albums Cheats, interspersed I was an Highschool Psychopath, The Heart Out Of Season eheart the City (cover engraved for the Methadones), the second focused mainly on songs written by Dan in the Riverdales, this time by alternating Say Goodbye To your Generation and I Do not Know How To Say Goodbye.
Well honestly I can not be objective , I can not say if they played well or if a few more pieces of the Methadones would be most appreciated by all, I can only say that Dan Vapid like few in the world of punk rock can speak straight to the heart of people and make us empathize with his words , I think of songs like Back To You (I swear that during their sound check- in Imperia I’m excited ) , I do not Wanna Go to The Party oI Do not Know how To Say Goodbye . in practice .. in a few minutes and a handful of words the synthesis of life and emotions of so many of us . Who has not ever found in those words ? His resume as a musician , then, is creepy … if the best album of Screeching Weasel, Riverdales , Queers, etc. etc. is half of its name, there is a reason . We have so much to this man.

End concert in Imperia we chatted at length about books, music and movies and it was a pleasant surprise to notice many things in common. I allowed myself to even advise Dylan Thomas saw that I said he was a huge fan of John Fante ( he told me that he had read four times my favorite book , Ask the Dust !) .

Finally he promised that next year will return to Italy. I do not know about you, but I started the countdown again .

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